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As a young apprentice in the ancient city of Kiev,
Gregory Ostrovsky learned the delicate art of hand
engraving from the.... [Read more]
Our state-of-the-art workshop, combined with the talents of these
master Goldsmiths gives us the ability to create custom-designed
jewelry....[Read More]
Certified Insurance Appraisers (CIA) are Graduate Gemologists who
have taken additional training in writing appraisals for insurance.
Even Graduate....[Read More]
Master Watchmaker Mac Shupping is a 30-year veteran
of the watchmaker's art. Trained in both the United States
of America and in Switzerland.... [Read more]
For more than 40 years Michael Scott has honed his craft
as a designer and master jeweler. His passion for quality
and timeless design is evident in each RingMaster Jewelers

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